I’m a 30+ software programmer. I have been programming for the past 15 or so years. I’m married and have a little girl. I am from New Delhi, India. I’ve lived most of my life here.

I code mostly in php these days and I’m pretty busy with that – and with managing my team. I am, however, open to accept small projects in other technologies purely for the thrill of it and to keep in touch with the latest.

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  1. I saw your post about priyadarshini.

    Would you like to post a real story of my mother on your website? Here is the story :

    I need justice:

    Here is my true story : My name is Saroj (Mina) Mehta. I am daughter of Late Maj. C. L. Mehta (Daddy) and Mrs Shiva Mehta (Mummy). I was married in the year 1964. I was married to an abusive man who refused to put our children through school and would not give me money to buy milk and food for our children. My marriage broke in 1971. My parents encouraged me to break my marriage because my husband used to beat me and did not want his children anymore. My parents brought me and my two children back to their house to live with them in first week of November 1971. Before bringing me back, my parents made me promise that I would not go back to my abusive husband and my parents told me that if I came back once, there would be no going back to my husband’s home. I promised them that I would not go back. My daughter was 5 years old and my son was 4 years old then. My parents wishes had always been that I should live with them always and after their death, I should continue living in their ancestral home.

    I started working on November 8th 1971 so that I could pay my share since my parents were helping me look after my children. Since November 1971, I lived with my parents except when I did jobs out of Delhi from 1974 to 1978. When I worked outside Delhi, my son Rajneesh lived with me and my daughter Rohini always lived with my parents in Delhi. In August 1977 I joined a job in Agra and had to leave my son with my parents. Because of my son’s medical problems, I had to move back to Delhi to my parents in May 1978. At that time, my parents, my children and myself lived in S-216 Greater Kailash Part I, New Delhi 110048. My younger brother who was in the Airforce died in an air crash in 1984. My elder brother had been disowned by my father many many years ago. I have two other sisters who were married and settled with their own families. Therefore, there was no one else to look after my elderly parents. After my brother’s death, my parents were heartbroken and alone and the entire responsibility of looking after my elderly parents fell on my shoulders. My mother Mrs Shiva Mehta fell very sick after her son’s death and she died in May 1985. Soon after my mother’s death, my younger brother’s wife (my bhabhi) Susan Mehta took a permanent transfer to New York and moved to the US with her two children in 1986. Instead of taking responsibility, Susan decided to shirk her responsibility towards her in laws. She took her elderly father in law’s grandchildren away from him and moved to the US. There was no one to look after my father, Maj C. L. Mehta. My children and I continued to take the responsibility of looking after my father both emotionally and financially. My daughter and my son started working along with finishing their graduation to help out financially at home.

    Prior to 1989, my daddy, Maj C L Mehta had always taken care of household expenses and both my daughter and I used to contribute towards the household expenses. From 1989 onwards, Rohini, Rajneesh (my son) and I took responsibility of all household expenses as we felt that my daddy and mummy (barri mummy to my children) had done a lot for us uptil now and now it was our responsibility to take care of my daddy.

    My daddy had built his own house at B-92 Defence Colony. The house was rented out and the tenant had refused to vacate the house for 18 years. My father had done a case on the tenant and my son who was then hardly 16 years old was the only one who used to accompany his grandfather (my daddy) for all the court hearings. My son had to miss his school in order to accompany my father since he was elderly and we were scared for him to travel on the buses alone.

    Finally, the day came when the house was vacated and it was one of the happiest days for my daddy. We all moved from S-216 Greater Kailash Part I which was a rented house to our Daddy’s own house in B-92 Defence Colony in 1993. In order to run household expenses, I was running a small tailoring unit in the back verandah of our rented house in Greater Kailash. When we moved to Defence Colony in 1993, my mother started using the garage of B-92 Defence Colony to run her tailoring unit. The garage had its own commercial electricity meter in the name of Saroj Mehta. My daddy had himself applied for the meter in my name since I used to run the household expenses with the help of this tailoring unit. Since my daddy, Maj C. L. Mehta was retired, I took care of all expenses of the running of the household expenses of B-92 Defence Colony as well as the expenses of the tailoring unit in the garage of B-92 Defence Colony. At this time, my daughter, Rohini was Human Resources Professional with a MNC and my son, Rajneesh was a travel agent. The three of us dutifully continued to contribute financially to ensure all medical needs of my daddy were taken care of. We ensured that all his personal needs like clothes, haircuts etc etc were taken care of. We also ensured that the maintenance of the house, repairs of the house, utility bills and everything relating to the upkeep of the house was undertaken by us financially as well as responsibly. No one else came and helped us financially or emotionally and we took care of everything amongst the three of us. We did not take a single penny from my father since 1989. His pension was never touched by him after 1989 since he did not have to pay for anything.

    Ten years after my mother had died, my daughter, Rohini Mehta got married in April 1995 and moved to Canada to be with her husband in February 1996. One of my very important support system moved away and that had a big impact on our financial standing. My son and I struggled and with great difficulty maintained the house for our father as well as for ourselves. Again no one else helped us financially or emotionally and we took care of everything amongst the two of us.

    My daddy, Maj C L Mehta died on 12th August 1996. Daddy had fallen in June 1996 and had a hair line fracture on his hip. His condition deteriorated in July 1996. He was in great pain and we had to hire a nurse to look after him because he could not even get out of the bed. We needed help to bathe him and help him use the bathroom. He was in this state till he died in August 1996.

    After hearing of Daddy’s condition, Susan Mehta came to India approx in beginning of August 1996 and was there on his death but left on the 5th day after his death. Prior to Daddy’s death, in ten years, Susan had come to India only five times. All the medical expenses for Daddy’s illness before he died, were borne by myself, Saroj Mehta and my son, Rajneesh Mehta. All last rites of my daddy were performed by Rajneesh Mehta and Shivendra Dutta (my elder sister’s son). All expenses of last rites except for the uthala were borne by myself and my son, Rajneesh Mehta.

    When my daddy was sick in July 1996, his youngest daughter’s sister in law (Poonam) was in Delhi for Cancer treatment along with her husband (Anil) stayed at B-92 Defence Colony New Delhi for 1.5 months while Poonam’s chemotherapy treatment was being done. Their driver used to help in lifting Maj Mehta whenever needed since daddy had a hair line fracture on his hip.

    Whenever my daughter came to India after her marriage, she and her husband used to help financially to do maintenance and repairs at B-92 Defence Colony since my son and I were financially hard up and could not afford to do so. They replaced broken doors and redid the entire electrical wiring for the house. They replaced geysers, renovated the bathroom and got other things repaired.

    My son, Rajneesh Mehta got married in October 2006. The marriage celebrations as well as all related activities were performed at B-92 Defence Colony New Delhi. My bhabhi, Susan Mehta came to India then. My daughter was pregnant at that time. She was going to have her first child after 10 years of marriage. In November 2006, I told my bhabhi that I had to go visit my daughter in Canada for the birth of my first grandchild and that too after 10 years of marriage of my daughter. I also told her that I was leaving my son and his new wife as the caretaker of the house, B-92 Defence Colony. Susan told me to go to Canada peacefully.

    I left for Canada for the delivery of my first grandchild with the expectation that all will be well upon my return. I left my son, Rajneesh Mehta and his wife. I had hoped that now since Rajneesh was married, the new couple will take on the responsibilities of running the house and I could finally semi retire and finally have a worry free old age after having struggled all my life since 1964. However, in my absence, Susan Mehta who had come under the guise of a visit after many years from her chosen home country of United States of America, took advantage of the young couple in December 2005 and deceived them into leaving home one day then proceeding to lock them out permanently with only the clothes on their backs. My aayahs have also been terminated and not allowed to enter my home in Defence Colony.

    My entire belongings as well as all belongings of my son, Rajneesh and his wife were stolen by Susan Mehta. The belongings that were taken by Susan Mehta included precious photo albums, family heirlooms, documents of identity, legal documents, clothes, utensils, etc. These belongings also included things that were given to the newly weds as gifts by friends and families. Saroj Mehta, Rajneesh Mehta and his wife of only two months were turned paupers overnight and thrown out to live life on the street. Saroj Mehta (daughter of Major C L Mehta & Shiva Mehta – parents who had cared for and cherished their daughter) and Rajneesh Mehta (the grand son who had performed the last rites of Major C L Mehta in the absence of his son’s children) who had spent their life taking care of daddy and mummy have been thrown out of their ancestral home.

    Susan Mehta took advantage of my son’s trusting nature and locked him out of his own grandparent’s house. My son is the one who helped me take care of my parents and now is homeless and without his personal belongings because Susan Mehta has lawlessly taken over the house in B-92 Defence Colony, New Delhi 24. Susan Mehta has posted guards at the house and does not allow my son to enter the house. She has not let him take any of his belongings till now. My son needs his certificates, his passport, his clothes, personal effects, his cheque book, banking papers, his fridge, cooler, cooking range, sofa, dining set, beds, bedding, razais and anything and everything that belongs to him but she does not let him take anything from there.

    My son was ousted in December 2005, one of the coldest season in years. My son had to live on borrowed personal effects – had to look for a rental accommodation, had to live with friends while looking for accommodation along with his new wife of 2 months.

    Susan Mehta has caused a lot of grief to my son and myself. She has illegally taken possession of B-92 Defence Colony. I would like to question as to why she has possession of the premises? She is not a daughter of the owner of B-92 Defence Colony. The house is still in my father’s name. The house has not been transferred to anyone yet. She has no right to live in B-92 Defence Colony. My daddy never willed the house to her name. My parents always wanted me to live in the house till I was alive. Since she ousted my son and has taken over the premises, now I have nowhere to go and I am now homeless. All my belongings are also in the house and I don’t know what to do.

    I am giving a list of our neighbours and their addresses near B-92 Defence Colony who will confirm that I along with my son and daughter have lived at the premises and that it was us who were looking after my father. Our neighbours are long time friends of my parents since most of them were in the army with my father. All these neighbours are willing to give answer any questions that the court may have on the facts of who has lived in B-92 Defence Colony since 1993. I would strong urge the court to get information from these people to get to the bottom of the truth.

    I would also like to state that I have further proof of my residence which can be confirmed by my bank, my son’s bank, my son’s driver’s licence. The internet access, phone, cable, commercial electricity bill for B-92 Defence Colony are also under my name.

    I am enclosing a list with names and addresses of our neighbours and my daddy’s and mummy’s friends (see below) who can attest to each and every one of the facts mentioned above. Seven out of these nine people have known my parents and my situation for at least 35-50 years. All these people will confirm and validate the facts that I have summarized above. I am also including names of my siblings who will also attest to the fact that my parents always wanted me to live in their ancestral home after their death.

    My parents wishes had always been that I should live with them when they were alive and after their death, I should continue living in their ancestral home. I lived with them and looked after them when they were in good health as well as in sickness and bad times. Even though I was given opportunities to remarry several times and also offered a job in the US right after my younger brother died, I gave up on these dreams in order to look after my sick mother and father. The following people will confirm the facts that I have stated below and will reconfirm for the court that my children and I were the ones who took care of my parents when they were abandoned by my younger brother’s wife. We chose not to run from our responsibilities and unfortunately, we are the ones who are now homeless. I appeal to you and to the justice system to give me justice and to punish the wrong doers. I can be reached at Mehtasaroj@hotmail.com

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