iPhone 3G Tips

I bought my iPhone 3G on the day it was launched in India: August 22, 2008. I had to go book mine a day before and I guess that made it easier, I did not have to wait in a queue. I just landed at the store, showed my booking receipt, they charged my card for the balance and handed me the phone – but then they took it back to ‘activate’ it and gave it back after another couple of minutes. Largely a smooth process – compared to the horrific stories about the US Launch on July 11.

The first thing I did was to turn off the 3G radio. Since India does not have 3G yet, and not expected for another 6 months on Airtel. It’s best to turn this off to save battery. To do this, just go to Settings->General->Network and turn off ‘Enable 3G’.

Next thing I noticed is that iTunes would take way too long to backup the phone everytime I wanted to sync. So I disabled the automatic backup by doing the following on my mac:

Open Terminal, type: defaults write com.apple.iTunes DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool true
and hit return

Note iTunes should not be running when you do this. Launch iTunes after doing this and it won’t backup the phone every time. I am thinking that I would like to re-enable backup by changing the ‘true’ above to ‘false’ once in a month.

For Windows folks:
1. Locate your iTunesPrefs.xml file. It’s usually located in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes or C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple computer\iTunes.
2. Open it in Notepad and search for a section called User Preferences and paste the following snipped into the User Preferences Section after the first <dict>:


3. Save the file and launch iTunes. You may want to take a backup of your existing iTunesPrefs.xml first.

Next: Turn off the Equalizer of the iPod since it eats up battery when it plays songs. Turn off the EQ by going to the Settings > iPod > EQ and change to Off.

I’ll add more as I use my iPhone more 🙂

iPhone 3G in India on August 22?

Apple plans to introduce the iPhone 3G to new countries this month. The company said that the latest iPhone would go on sale in 20 additional countries by August 22.

The announcement came during a quarterly conference call with financial analysts in which chief operating officer Tim Cook and chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer discussed Apple’s results for the fiscal third quarter.

Rumours are that Vodafone will make iPhone 3G available in the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, South Africa, Turkey, and most importantly — India. Details of price plans will be made available in the respective countries by individual Vodafone operating companies. Vodafone customers in all of these markets including India can pre-register online and in retail stores in the next few days.

Meanwhile, Airtel customers who wish to receive more information on the Apple iPhone can send an SMS with keyword “iPhone” to 54321 (toll-free number). Airtel will announce details regarding pricing and availability at a later date, the company said.