Atithi Looto Bhava

….is the case when it comes to the Taj, as opposed to Atithi Devo Bhava. Indian citizens are charged $0.50 entry fee to see the monument, while Atithi’s (foreigners) need to pay $20 for the same. It only potrays our greedy culture. Foreigners can also have the same feel when they intereact with normal shopkeepers, street hawkers, etc – a normal Rs 200 merchandise is charged them Rs 2000 or more.

I’m writing in reference to the initiative, the monument is a marvel of engineering and architecture, but our attitude towards it and the people coming to see it is hardly a ‘wonder’.

I’d rather choose ‘Christ Redeemer’ in Rio, anyone landing into Rio can see it – it’s a fantastic symbol of welcoming everyone with open arms.

I’ve not voted yet, I probably won’t.