Justice for Priyadarshini

Priyadarshini means lovely. And so she was. A lovely girl with massive zeal for life. Law and Music were among her passions. She was the apple of her parents’ eyes, as is any other daughter to her parents. She was brutally
raped and murdered by the son of an IGP. This has been the only case in the history of India where the judge himself clearly wrote that he knew the accused was the culprit and CBI had not acted fairly.

It was a shame for the country’s judicial system. A shame for New Delhi. To add salt to the injury, the culprit – Santosh Kumar Singh – is a lawyer in Delhi’s Tees Hazari Court.

How many more years are we going to hide our heads in the sand? How many more years are we going to assume that our daughters and sisters are safe? This in a country where women are traditionally given more respect than
anywhere else in the world. How ironical?

Justice J.P. Thareja’s words:

”Though I know he is the man who committed the crime, I acquit him, giving
him the benefit of the doubt.”

“The CBI in the matter of DNA evidence has not acted fairly. It tampered with the evidence of clothes of the deceased and also the blood sample of the accused.It even fabricated the documentary evidence and also the
Malkhana Register of the CBI as is clear from the discrepancies.”

Priyadarshini’s parents’ words to us:

“Your email has infused hope and strength in us and we know that after we are gone, people like you will carry this mission forward and you will bring the guilty to book. Our prayers and blessings are with you.”

10 years .. Justice denied. She is waiting with her lovely smile as are her parents’ wet eyes and a broken heart.

23rd January, 1996 she was murdered.

Sunday, 23rd July is her birthday. A war cry for justice in the heart of Delhi, a protest that shakes the pillars of the Govt. and one demand – Let justice be delivered immediately.

Are you ready to give her justice?

  • You can sign an online petition at www.petitiononline.com/mattoo/petition.html
  • The agenda for this meet is a peaceful protest march with the cry to ADVANCE the next hearing date for the case which is currently 8-9years from TODAY!!!
  • The gathering will also sign a petition and hold a prayer meeting.
  • People are going to meet on Sunday 23rd July 2006 at Amar Jawan Jyoti at 4:30pm and can ask for Aditya Razdan: 93500 67958 OR Adityaraj Kaul: 98732 97834.
  • Incase you want to extend any more support or know more details, please write to justice4priyadarshini@gmail.com and also visit http://www.ourpriyadarshini.org, http://justice4priyadarshini.blogspot.com

Installing dovecot and qmail and vpopmail on CentOS4

  1. Downloaded and executed wget http://www.qmailtoaster.com/info/cnt40-deps.sh
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  7. Tested, and found everything to be working fine 🙂